About Us

Our long and esteemed history. 

Welcome to Appealing Wedding Bands, the most distinctive collection of wedding bands and wedding bands online. From our prominent location in the New York City Diamond District we have brought our valued customers closer to the jewelry world by making the transition to bring appealing wedding bands online. Appealing Wedding Band is a family owned private company. We give our valued customers two generations of experience with jewelry and high tech IT online services. Appealing Wedding Bands has a reputation for exceeding our client’s needs by finding them their ideal wedding bands and wedding bands of their choice. Appealing Wedding Bands was created to meet our client’s demands and to provide a more convenient alternative to shopping in stores; now our customers can enjoy browsing for their intimate gifts from the comfort of their own home. Appealing Wedding Bands aims to be the market leader for online jewelry at a price our customers can afford. From our ability to offer a safe and reliable online interface, and our jewelry expertise, Appealing Wedding Bands aims to raise the bar for online retail services. 


Our promise to you: 

Appealing Wedding Bands guaranty one hundred percent dependability; commitment to excellence for our customers is our trademark and a symbol of our professionalism.  


Our commitment to raising the bar:

Behind our sophisticated collection of wedding bands there is a commitment to our uncompromised quality; we offer the best. For every occasion of buying jewels for our loved ones our promise to you along the way is our excellence to exceed your expectations. This promise means a higher standard of craftsmanship and a commitment to serving you personally. This translates to jewelry of classic beauty that will be admired by others for generations.


A tradition of excellence:

Our appealing wedding band collection stems from our acclaimed history of old-world craftsmanship, build on for two generations to produce the finest jewelry available today.  Our company culture means we use only materials that are guaranteed to be conflict free; the finest materials ranging from certified diamonds to premium platinum and gold. We handpick each component to produce the best designs to meet a variety of needs from our customers.  


A legacy of Superior craftsmanship: 

Our expertise has developed for more than two generations; today our unique business approach combines the caliber of old-world craftsmanship with modern cutting-edge technology.  


Our appeal is our reputation: 

We assure and provide uncompromised service and reliability for our clients. Our wedding band redefine perfection, setting diamonds to enhance their classic beauty in proportion to their unique attributes. Appealing Wedding Band is a member of the Jewelers of America, which is an organization, committed to holding jewelers to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry’. Throughout our years of creating outstanding jewelry we have established standards of practice and beliefs, which are: preserving a long-term customer relationship through trust and striving for absolute satisfaction for our customers. Our professional staff combined with state-of-the-art gemological equipment allows us to work closely with our customer and to assist individual requirements. Our company structure allows us to offer competitive pricing while allowing us to produce the finest quality wedding bands and rings. Appealing Wedding Band has been expanding its market presence through the Internet. Now our products are available worldwide via 24 / 7 access to our site. Now everyone from around the world can benefit from what so many others have benefited from before.   


Ensuring online security: 

Our sophisticated IT department features SSL to reassure our clients purchase is secure and uncompromised. SLL encrypts your purchasing information and protects you from unwanted hackers and thieves. At Appealing Wedding Bands your shopping cart provides a secure platform when providing your credit card and shipping information. Besides the security protection we offer our customers, Appealing Weddings Bands online shopping is protected by law. Online shopping has several benefits when using credit card or debit card for purchases. Your online transactions can be viewed instantly by accessing your card company's electronic statement, and your purchases are protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act, which gives you the right to dispute unauthorized charges. If you suspect your identity is being used to make an unauthorized transaction, nearly all credit card companies will reimburse you for charges made by an identity thief or even give you additional benefits like warranty and return guarantee. Online transactions are governed by law.  If you have any suspicions or are concerned about unauthorized purchasing activity on your card and are shopping within the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handles consumer complaints and distributes valuable and up-to-date information on consumer protection. Call 1-877-209-3558 to enter a complaint about identity theft or Internet fraud.   


Return policy:

If you have made a purchase from www.appealingweddingbands.com and were not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to guide you through our return policy. Appealingweddingbands.com are happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. We want our valued customers to be 100% satisfied with their choice of wedding bands or wedding bands. Our returns policy is a reflection of our high standards we are dedicated to uphold.